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Sideshow has partnered with Weta Workshop to develop multiple lines of polystone Lord of the Rings Statues, Busts and other collectibles based on the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. 

Each of these items have been meticulously crafted, expertly reproduced to the highest standards and are meant to bring the discerning collector a lifetime of enjoyment.  Each of these figurines and busts below are made from polystone and are hand crafted to provide an intricate finish.

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien tells an epic tale of good against evil, spanning three volumes. The trilogy runs through the many challenges faced by the central character, Frodo, on his journey from the Shire to the fires of Mount Doom. It is one of the most successful fantasy series' of all time.

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    The King of the Dead - Once a King who threw his people's allegiance to Gondor long ago, the King of the Dead broke his oath of fealty and was cursed to spend eternity as a spectre. Haunting the Paths of the Dead, he bore still the rotten and pitted war crown that once had he had worn in life, a sour reminder of his royal betrayal.
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    Arwen Evanstar - The daughter of Elrond and held by many to be the most beautiful of her people, Arwen betrothed her love to Aragorn despite her father's cautions. An Elf, and as such immortal, she would risk her eternal life to help her human love, Aragorn and save Frodo from the Ringwraiths.
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    Of all the terrors to confront the Fellowship of the Ring on their journey, none can compare with the Balrog. A demon flame and shadow, a relic from the ancient past, the Balrog has lain entombed in the earth since the days long ago when great powers wandered openly under the sky and fought battles that tore mountain ranges asunder.
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    A grim and cruel people from the deep south, the Haradrim were among those races of Men who fell under the sway of the Dark Lord Sauron. Called from their homes to the service of the evil one, they came north with great beasts of war, the mighty Mumakils, who's like was not seen before in those parts, nor ever since.
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    He is the devious servant of the evil wizard Saruman whilst also being the advisor and confidant to King Theoden. Wormtongue used his influence on the weakened King to manipulate the Rohirrim people to his true master's purposes. He desired above all, the hand of Lady Eowyn of Rohan to take as his own, though she saw through his poisonous words and...
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    Strictly limited to 1000 pieces worldwide, each one is presented with a wood wall display featuring a Sauron graphic motif. Crafted of genuine leather and iron, the gauntlet features more than 35 plate mail parts with an iron black finish and Intaglio surface engraving. Includes the One Ring with inscription, crafted in gold-plated metal.
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    This figure is captured from The Fellowship of the Ring . Legolas is an Elf prince from the forest kingdom of Mirkwood. He joined the Fellowship as a representative of his people, and vowed to protect Frodo in his quest, through the power of his mighty bow. Legolas' half keen Elf senses and unerring marksmanship were to prove vital to the success of the...
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    Watcher in the Water - Stirred from deep underground, the Watcher was a huge, tentacled beast, and guardian of the west gate of Moria. When Frodo, Sam and their companions attempted to pass through the gates, the Watcher rose from its black lake and attacked them with all its fury.
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    Eowyn as Dernhelm - Eowyn's participation in the battle of Pelennor Fields was critical as she protected King Theoden, and in doing so defeated the Morgul Lord. The statue was designed in her fighting stance to be displayed alone or with the Morgul Lord figure. Eowyn as Dernhelm is captured in this amazingly detailed statue.
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    From the plains of Rohan, Gandalf the White called the great stallion Shadowfax. Wild in spirit and temper, Shadowfax is one of the Mearas, the greats horses of old, and has been the wizard's friend and mount through many times of need, though none greater than that which Gandalf calls upon him for in the fays of the War of the Ring.
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    Gothmog on Warg - From the artists at Sideshow comes the newest entry in the 'Rider and Steed' statue series, Gothmog and Warg. Following in the hoofprints of the Ringwraith on Steed, Gandalf on Shadowfax and Samwise and Bill, Gothmog rides atop a vicious warg, leading the Morgul Lord's troops in the battle for Minas Tirith.
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    Golden Hall of Edoras - Capital of the nation of Rohan, the fortified citadel of Edoras was built over a green hull overlooking the plains. Most prominent of all Edoras' structures was the Meduseld, the Golden Hall of King Theoden, where the King of the Rohirrim held court.
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