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Steiff Limited Edition Bears 


All the Steiff Limited Edition Bears can be recognised by the white label with the famous gold plated Steiff button in the left ear.

The Limited Edition Steiff bears are made from the traditional mohair and are fully jointed.

They are also surface washable, with some only at 30 degrees.

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    Steiff Joker Teddy Bear is such fun! He is holding a full set of aces - beat that! His outfit is beautifully designed as he wears the four suits in felt - hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs - sewn on by hand together with a cotton jester's hat and red collar all with bells that jingle. Limited edition of just 1,111 pieces worldwide.

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    Steiff Goldi Teddy Bear is a beautiful teddy bear and would make a lovely addition to any collection. Goldi is so called because she is made from the finest gold tipped mohair and is fully jointed, with a hand embroidered mouth and nose - just look at her nose and you will see a single horizontal stitch of gold coloured thread to match her mohair. Limited...

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    To celebrate HRH Queen Elizabeth II's 90th Birthday, Steiff have created a truly enchanting Bear. She has been sewn from a luxurious, wavy blonde mohair, with wool felt paw pads and the most prettiest of faces. This captivatingly appealing piece is a Limited Edition of just 1,926 pieces (her year of birth) and will come to you boxed, with her numbered...

  • £ 140.00 In Stock

    Steiff Lysander is made from the finest alpaca in a delicate green colour which has been specially made by Steiff for this bear.She is wearing a handmade brooch in the shape of a rain forest lizard, studded with sparkling green crystal stones. Her face has black eyes and her nose and mouth have been hand embroidered in a gentle brown colour. Limited...

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    Steiff Grace Teddy Bear is made from a delicately coloured jacquard material. She has a sweet face with shiny black eyes and hand embroidered mouth and nose in a contrasting light brown colour. Around her neck she is wearing a burgandy coloured glamorous! She could be a film star! Fully jointed and limited edition of just 1,500 pieces worldwide....

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    Steiff Bellamy Teddy Bear is made from the finest beige mohair and is fully jointed. When it came time to create Bellamy, the Steiff designers looked not to their German fabric suppliers, but to England, where they found this most distinctive extra woolly, furry mohair. Limited edition of just 1,500 pieces worldwide.

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    This sweet shaded Mohair Steiff Teddy Bear with Growler, is a Faded Pink Replica from 1908, which is one of four famous coloured samples. This delectable Teddy Bear is a Worldwide Limited Edition of just 3,000 pieces and comes boxed with her numbered certificate of authenticity.

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    One of the worlds loved bears! He is wearing his famous red waistcoat with bright button and just turn his music box key on his back and he will play his famous melodie - Winnie the Pooh. Limited edition of just 2,000 pieces made.

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    With its expressive facial features, the Zebra Teddy bear looks curiously into the future and calls out with its strong growling voice to its "wild" colleague, the soon to be made Tiger Teddy bear, the final bear in the artist's trio. The Steiff Zebra Teddy bear is a Limited Edition of 2,009 pieces world wide and bears the gold-plated "Button in the Ear"...

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    Steiff's Sir Edward Teddy Bear heads up an aristocratic collection of bears for 2013. His style has come from the Baroque period that started in the 17th Century - an era of over-the-top drama and luxury. A limited edition of just 1,500 pieces worldwide.

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    This delightful Steiff Teddy Bear is called Ralph and he is a new innovative and contemporary design, with a feel of the old. This enchanting character is a Worldwide Limited Edition of just 2,010 pieces, and comes boxed with his numbered certificate of authenticity.

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    Nando is a Limited Edition Steiff Bear who will help you navigate your way round anywhere. With a real operating compass around his neck, Nando will guide you wherever you need to go. Nando has been sewn from the finest russet tipped batik mohair making him a very unique bear. Limited to 1500 piece worldwide.

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