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Christmas Without Decorations Is Like Cereal Without Milk

Could you imagine if we had Christmas with no decorations? How dismal would that be? Imagine if we had no bright lights hanging from buildings and no Santa’s grotto to take the kids to? Sure, we wouldn’t have to clean the pine needles off the floor after putting the Christmas tree up, but then where would we put the presents?

You see, the festive period is about more than just giving gifts. It’s a whole season. A season full of warmth, joy, and cheesy Christmas films to keep us going through the cold winter nights.

Christmas without decorations would be like having a second birthday; but rather than just receiving gifts you’d have to give them. This is why getting into the festive spirit is as important as the 25th of December itself.

But how did all this start?

We’re all familiar with why we celebrate Christmas, but at what point did we start putting up pine trees and hanging socks? It sounds silly when you simplify it, but we’ve just proved how important it is. When you look into the origins of these little traditions, you’ll find that they’ve transformed and modernised over the years. History has shown us that we can take creative liberty with these old dogmas and turn them into something special to us.

For example, did you know that baubles originated from a Roman tradition of hanging fruit from trees? The tradition was transformed in the 1800s when inventor Hans Greiner started to hang glass decorations shaped like fruits and nuts. Now you can get Disney stockings, Peter Rabbit hanging ornaments, or stunning abstract figurines from Willow Tree. Just because a tradition started one way doesn’t mean we can’t change it and make it into our own.

We’ve heard of families who have passed down their Christmas star from generation to generation. For some families, this could be a sparkling gold star that was handcrafted by a relative. For other families, it could be an ornament of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. To some people, the star represents the one that guided the three wise men, to others it’s a reminder of a celebration spent with the ones they love the most.

Our point is that we’re all familiar with Christmas customs and that without them, it just wouldn’t feel the same. However, the age of their origins or the country of their creation doesn’t matter. These small customs can be transformed into something special to us and our family. The origin of that lovely hanging Snowman doesn’t have to come from ancient Rome, it can come from you and be traced back to you from your future generations to come.

Because maybe Christmas decorations don’t matter so much, but the love and meaning that we give them does!

Why don’t you make age-old traditions your own this year? Decorate your home with ornaments that mean something to you. Whether that’s your favourite Disney character or a pair of handcrafted, capiz shell baubles, you can view a full range of Christmas items here.

We’re sure that you’ll find something that makes you and your loved ones smile at this special time of year.


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