Behind the Design: How Edge Sculpture by Matt Buckley Reimagines Animal Sculpting for the Modern Collector

Behind the Design: How Edge Sculpture by Matt Buckley Reimagines Animal Sculpting for the Modern Collector

All this month at Gallery Gifts we have been celebrating the striking beauty of the Edge Sculpture collection by Matt Buckley. This bold and contemporary range of animal sculptures and busts are designed to grab your attention - and capture the imagination.

When Matt and his team at Robert Harrop Designs set out to create the collection, they took a very firm stance on focusing on style and personality. This approach proved very successful for company founder Robert Harrop and his world-famous Doggie People collection, which is still going 25 plus years strong.

However, wanting to imbue his own design eye on his interpretation of Animalia, Matt wanted to strike more of a balance between real shapes and outlines of animals, and fantastical expressive eyes and action poses. The result is a range of animal sculptures that feel grounded in reality, yet carry the majestic qualities of animal characters you would find in animated films.

Cobra Edge Sculpture by Matt Buckley
The Cobra is ready to strike: Each animal sculpture in the Edge Sculpture collection has a signature pose

Pieces are designed to appear as if they are reconstructed from fragments of stone, a call back to sub-Saharan design, where many of the collection's animals originate from. Impressively, every piece in the collection follows these shared design values, as Matt designs each piece himself in his Shropshire studio.

An Edge Sculpture being hand-designed by Matt Buckley
Each piece in the Edge Sculpture collection is hand-designed by Matt Buckley (pictured)

These unique design principles are then enhanced through Robert Harrop Designs’ unique approach to the sculpting and moulding process. Wanting to bring an earthy and organic quality to the collection you do not commonly find in home-appropriate animal sculpting, Edge Sculpture pieces are made using a ceramic polystone resin made from reconstituted stone. This results in a firm and tactile material that is a conversation starter in itself – we have ourselves have asked what the sculptures are made of, and now you know!

Orangutan Edge Sculpture by Matt Buckley
The Welcoming Orangutan: the finished Edge Sculpture, combining personality with design (click here to buy)

Yet what truly has established the Edge Sculpture collection as the de-facto brand in animal sculptures is the accessible price point. Using the latest innovations in sculpting, the retail prices range between £95 to £420, which was previously unheard of for products of this quality. The barrier to entry has been truly shattered, with Gallery Gifts currently able to offer collectors an addition £10 voucher for every £50 spent on the Edge Sculpture collection.

Edge Sculpture Offer

With even more exciting additions coming to the collection – we’ve seen a few of them, so keep this page bookmarked and be sure to sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page! – we cannot wait for where Matt Buckley takes us next in the Animal Kingdom.

Browse and buy from the full Gallery Gifts range of Edge Sculpture by Matt Buckley here, with free delivery on all items and £10 voucher with every £50 spent.