Classic White Teddy Bear

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This is a beautiful Classic teddy Bear, she is a 30cm tall, 5 way jointed teddy bear with a growler, made by the famous German Bear maker - Steiff. She is made using high quality white alpaca and is wearing a red leather collar. The details on her paw pads have been added with an airbrush. She has the famous Steiff - Button in ear - with a yellow label.


Steiff have been manufacturing bears and other collectable characters in their German factories for over 125 years. As with all those characters made in the early days, it is still the manual skills and attention to detail that make each Steiff product wonderfully unique.

As Margaret Steiff once said, 'Only the best is good enough for our children.' This value still holds true within all of Steiff's products today, and they are without doubt the most collectable bears available today.

With Steiff continuing to produce exquisite limited editions along with a brilliant array of quality classic and cosy bears, their range will never stop growing. Each Steiff bear is signified by a tag in its left ear. View our range today and find something special for your friends, family or a loved one.