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Glacier Gin & Tonic Pair Copa Glasses

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Perfect for drinking gin and tonics and gin based cocktails.

The Gin & Tonic Copa glass was designed to trap the aromas of the gin to give a better taste, allow for plenty of ice and lime into the glass to add to the flavour and keep the drink cool. The bowl shape is said to stop the ice cubes from melting quickly, diluting the drink.

Supplied in blue card gift boxes with gold foil blocking.

Height 210mm (8¼",) , diameter 109mm (4¼"), capacity 610ml (22oz)

The Glacier design has been inspired by by the patterns when you cut into a lemon or lime which is often used to flavour gin an tonic. It has been named Glacier because the design also represents cracks and splits in the ice used to cool the Gin & Tonic

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