Triple Lilac Roses

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This is a high quality preserved rose arrangement. This unique design tastefully combines three mini roses in attractive colours with a selection of foliage. Preserved with a natural plant based formula only, no chemicals used Available in classic red, blue, light pink and hot pink - perfect for someone requiring something unusual and unique. Set on a hard cardboard base and in protective plastic box, wrapped around with a stylish 3D printed ribbon with high quality handwork.

1. Several years of life while maintaining their fresh appearance - approximately 2-5 years (this varies from product to product)
2. Absolutely maintenance-free (no water and no light requirements)
3. Easy to store and transport
4. Minimum chance of insect or mildew attacks on the plants.
5. Risk free use for allergy sufferers.

If you wish to preserve natural appearance for many years, it's essential to follow these basic rules:
1. Products must not come into contact with water or any other liquids. Do not water them.
2. Do not store or place in a humid environment, e.g. houses suffering from damp or rooms with high humidity like bathrooms etc. High humidity may cause discolouration, colour leakage, staining etc.
3. Do not expose to direct sunlight, do not place them close to light bulbs and other high temperature/light radiation sources  (they cause colours to fade and roses to dry out).
4. Do not place on surfaces treated with lacquers or oils. Not applicable for arrangements and trees in ceramic pots.

5. Excessive touching and checking whether the flowers are real may cause mechanical damage (petals splitting from bloom etc.)


Rose: 3.5 - 4.5 cm diameter

Box: W:12cm x L:12cm, H:16cm

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Care instructions: Keep out of direct sunlight, away from a heat/light source and from humid rooms. Clean with hairdryer with cold function or damp cloth. Avoid touching the rose petals as they do break easily.