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Two Wild Horses Figure Special Order

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The 2 WILD HORSES pay homage to the most beautiful conquest Man ever made, the ultimate symbol of strength and speed. The ground trembles and dances under their crystal hooves, while the movement of their manes floating in the wind evokes a spirit of freedom and independence.

Highlighted by the brilliance of crystal, this masterpiece in numbered edition appeals to those who have a passion for horses, as well as those who have an affinity for highly sculptured design.

This beautiful sculpture, carved in pure crystal, embodies the "savoir-faire" and the unique expertise of LALIQUE glass-masters whom ensure the esteemed ‘LALIQUE France’ signature endures as a statement of authenticity, quality and luxury, respected and admired by discerning connoisseurs worldwide.

H:337 L:175 W:275 mm 8.7kg

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