The Story Behind the Water Crystal Lismore Collection

The Story Behind the Water Crystal Lismore Collection

Waterford Crystal is a brand that has been synonymous with fine crystal since 1783. It has created some of the most iconic and exquisite designs in the world, but probably none more so than its Lismore collection.

The story behind the creation of this beautiful collection begins in 1952, when Edward Cawley, a young Waterford Crystal designer, was inspired to create a new pattern based on an old drawing from archives at Waterford’s London office. He then took his idea to Waterford Crystal’s Chief Engraver, Charles Bacik, who approved it and began working on the project. After two years of trial and error, they finally settled on a design featuring diamond-cut facets combined with straight cuts for maximum light reflection.

The design was so revolutionary and beautiful that it immediately caught the eye of Waterford’s buyer, who placed an order for a shipment of Lismore pieces in 1955. The name “Lismore,” by the way, comes from the Lismore Castle in Ireland, which is said to have inspired Edward Cawley when he first created the pattern.

Since then, the Lismore collection has become one of Waterford Crystal’s best-selling lines and has been featured prominently in numerous films, television shows, and royal events. It is also Waterford Crystal’s longest-running line of crystalware: having been produced continuously since its creation more than 60 years ago.

Today, each piece of Waterford Crystal’s Lismore collection is still crafted using the same process that was developed by Edward Cawley and Charles Bacik back in 1952. This makes the pieces stand out, even amongst other Waterford collections that use modern manufacturing processes, and is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship associated with Waterford Crystal’s iconic brand, as well as to the timelessness of this beloved pattern. It is no wonder, then, that so many people around the world have been drawn to the beauty of the Waterford Crystal Lismore collection for generations.


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