Marquis by Waterford

Marquis by Waterford was introduced in 1991 as the most accessible side to Waterford. The collection offers moderate pricing for top quality products. From contemporary to traditional designs, and products designed for everyday living, Marquis by Waterford represents the full array of entertaining and gifting with timeless style.

Waterford Crystal’s rich heritage spans centuries, with origins that date back to 18th Century Ireland. Traditional cut crystal, originally crafted by Waterford Artisans, represents the roots of the brand since 1783.

Over the years, developments of new and innovative techniques have pushed the boundaries and bring ever-growing recognition to Waterford Crystal. Staying true to its original mission, Waterford continues to create the world’s most brilliant crystal masterpieces known for unmatched purity, colour and quality. Progressing with today’s lifestyles, Waterford creates a wealth of home luxuries designed to enrich daily experiences. This passion to appreciate each and every day is what makes the Waterford brand synonymous with gift-giving and celebrations of all sizes.

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