Collection: Edge Sculpture by Matt Buckley

Discover a captivating world of artistry with Gallery Gifts' exclusive showcase of Edge Sculpture by Matt Buckley. Where each meticulously crafted animal and character sculpture becomes a subsequent piece in an extraordinary assortment that ignites deep emotions.

Matt Buckley Edge is drawing inspiration from the revered creations of Robert Harrop, this extraordinary assortment of contemporary sculptures seamlessly melds form, light, and texture, culminating in a distinctive style that firmly establishes Matt as a trailblazer in the realm of animal sculpting.

About the Designer: Matt Buckley assumes the role of Creative Director at Robert Harrop Designs, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Shropshire, UK. Embarking on his sculpting journey more than two decades ago, he honed his craft under the expert tutelage of acclaimed sculptor and stepfather Robert Harrop. Their collaborative endeavor resulted in the renowned Doggie People Collection, characterized by modernity, emotional resonance, and dynamic design. Now, with the Edge Sculpture collection, this legacy seamlessly transitions into an era of audacious and contemporary aesthetics.

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