Collection: Royal Crown Derby Old Imari

Royal Crown Derby Old Imari is a breathtaking embodiment of timeless tradition and refined elegance. Emerging from the prestigious English porcelain atelier founded in 1750, "Royal Crown Derby," this collection radiates a fusion of artisanal craftsmanship and luxurious beauty.

Inspired by the intricate designs of Japanese Imari porcelain, Royal Crown Derby Old Imari pieces showcase a harmonious blend of cobalt blue, fiery red, and opulent gold accents. This distinct color palette pays homage to the ornate patterns found in traditional Japanese ceramics, infusing each piece with a sense of regal luxury. Meticulously hand-crafted, every item in the collection reflects the brand's unwavering dedication to porcelain art, preserving age-old techniques for contemporary admirers. Discover more of Royal Crown Derby from Gallery Gifts.

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