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Royal Crown Derby

Old Imari Solid Gold Band - Goldfinch (Royal Crown Derby)

Old Imari Solid Gold Band - Goldfinch (Royal Crown Derby)

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Designed to create an unforgettable statement within the home, the Old Imari Solid Gold Band Goldfinch combines the iconic Imari pattern with a modern design aesthetic.

A unique expression of luxury, this fine bone china paperweight radiates enchanting beauty. This effortlessly charming home accessory brings a welcome breath of the outdoors into your home, whilst adding a feature of British design excellence and prestige, with hand-gilded 22 carat gold.

Floral motifs are brilliantly displayed on the bird’s breast to create a balance between the highly decorative design and the delicate details of nature.

• Made in England
• Fine Bone China
• 22 Carat Gold
• Gift boxed
• Designer: Bethany Ross
• Modeller: Hilary Walker

Height 9cm Width 5.5cm Depth 5.5cm

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