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Edge Sculpture by Matt Buckley

Penguin with Chick Sculpture (Edge Sculpture by Matt Buckley)

Penguin with Chick Sculpture (Edge Sculpture by Matt Buckley)

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Penguin sculpture by Matt Buckley from the EDGE collection. Native to Antarctica the Emperor Penguin is instantly recognisable with its upright and stately bearing, enhanced by its 'dinner jacket' style feather colouring. A flightless bird that feeds mainly on fish, the penguin is an expert swimmer. A generous layer of body fat allows them to survive temperatures down to below -40 degrees C - they will huddle together for warmth, sometimes in groups of thousands. In recent years their cute looks and endearing walk have helped penguins come to the fore of popular culture through animated films like Happy Feet and Madagascar amongst others. Matt Buckley's superb sculpture shows an Emperor Penguin in a classic standing pose with a small infant sheltering at its feet.

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H:37.5cm W:25cm D:19.5cm
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