Collection: Wedgwood Tableware

Embark on a journey through time with Wedgwood Tableware, a legacy rooted in artistry that commenced in 1759. Founded by the visionary potter Josiah Wedgwood I at 29, the tale unfurled in the charming town of Burslem, England. Today, spanning over 260 years, Wedgwood stands as a testament to tradition and innovation, crafting timeless pieces that resonate with beauty and functionality.

From its humble origins, Wedgwood's enduring commitment to quality endures. Many ingenious materials Josiah pioneered, such as Jasper, Queen's Ware, and Black Basalt, remain integral to the brand's repertoire. As you embrace Wedgwood Tableware, you're not just partaking in a meal but engaging in a narrative that fuses history, craftsmanship, and elegance, ensuring that every dining experience is a journey through time and impeccable artistry.

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