Collection: Willow Tree

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willow tree is an intimate line of figurative sculptures that speak in quiet ways to heal, comfort, protect, and inspire, and safeguard. The renowned artist, Susan Lordi, meticulously handcarves each original figure, infusing them with an expression revealed through nuanced gestures—a tilt of the head, the placement of hands, a gentle turn of the body. The hallmark of Willow Tree lies in its simplicity of form, where the absence of facial features allows emotions to radiate through intricate poses.

Many of Susan's latest creations delve into the theme of love—sharing, enveloping, and embracing it in all its universal magnificence. With classic forms and signature gestures as Willow Tree's foundation, Susan's continuous exploration of carving techniques, materials, and finishes ensures an ever-evolving collection that resonates with timeless beauty. Discover the ethereal world of Willow Tree Figurines, where every piece tells a story of emotions, connections, and evolving artistry.