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Disney 100 Years of Wonder

Disney 100 Mickey Mouse Hanging Ornament

Disney 100 Mickey Mouse Hanging Ornament

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Introducing the Disney 100 Mickey Mouse Hanging Ornament, a delightful addition to any Disney lover's collection. Celebrating Disney's 100th anniversary, this ornament features the iconic Mickey in his classic pose, with a big smile and hands on his hips. Crafted from high-quality cast-stone and beautifully hand-painted, this ornament is a stunning and durable piece that will last for many holiday seasons to come. The intricate details of Mickey's outfit, from his red shorts to his white gloves and shoes, are expertly captured in this charming ornament. Perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree, or as a year-round decoration in your home, the Disney 100 Mickey Mouse Hanging Ornament is a wonderful way to celebrate the beloved character that has captured the hearts of millions around the world. Order yours today and bring the magic of Disney into your home. Limited availability. Only produced for 2023

H: 9cm W: 3.5cm D: 6cm

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