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3 Disney Figurine Lines Serious Collectors Shouldn't Miss Out On

The sight of any kind of Disney figurine can brighten the day of a Disney fan. A Disney princess can remind us of magical moments playing dress-up, while Tinkerbell can make us want to take off on an adventure or reconnect with our old friends. The iconic Disney characters have become part of our families and our lives.

At Gallery Gifts, we have a wide range of unique, rare, and eye-catching collectible Disney figurines. Read on to discover three Disney lines that any Disney collector should know about, and how you can shop them all on Gallery Gifts.

Disney By Britto - Lilo Figurine

Disney by Britto

One of the most well-known and loved Disney collections, Disney by Britto adds a special magic to Disney, allowing adults to appreciate their favourite Disney characters in a whole new way. Pop Artist Romero Britto uses vibrant colours and bold patterns on all his Britto figurines. From classic characters such as Mickey Mouse and Winnie-the-Pooh to modern-day heroes like Lilo and Stitch – there is a Britto Disney figurine for everyone. Each highly collectible figurine is made from resin each with eye-catching colours and design all with a glossy finish then presented in a black branded gift box. See our full range here.

Walt Disney Classics

The popular Classics Collection started in 1992 with three scenes, Bambi, Cinderella, and Fantasia’s Sorcerer Apprentice. Since then many other series have been introduced, with some figurines created to be limited editions, and some being retired. At Gallery Gifts, you can find a wide variety of rare collectible pieces. Each figure is made of porcelain and marked on the bottom signifying the year it was produced. For the majority of Disney collectors, their collection starts with a classic figurine and grows as they seek out new models of their favourite characters. See our full range here.

Disney Alphabets - S for Simba

Disney Alphabets

With each letter being hand-painted to bring the characters to life, it’s no wonder that the delightful Disney Alphabet figures have become a firm favourite among collectors. From Tinkerbell to the Queen of Hearts – each letter creates the eye-catching illusion that the character is jumping out to meet you. Whether you’re after specific letters to represent the members of your family, or you want to complete the whole 26 letter collection, as Gallery Gifts you’ll be able to find even the rarest letters of this collection. See our full range here.

Whether you’re looking to add to your impressive Disney collection, start your own collection with the perfect piece, or even just find a great gift for a loved one – at Gallery Gifts our wide range of stunning collectible Disney figurines means you will be sure to find the exact Disney magic you’re searching for.

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