Collection: Lalique

Established in 1888 by the visionary French glassmaker René Lalique, the iconic Lalique brand embodies the epitome of French luxury. With unmatched style and design, each Lalique piece blurs the boundaries between homeware and artistry. Gallery Gifts, a proud authorized UK partner of Lalique, showcases a diverse array of Lalique products, including Lalique glass and perfume.

Discover our carefully curated selection of Lalique crystal, where light gracefully dances through meticulously crafted designs. Delve into the world of Lalique glass, where tradition intertwines with innovation in captivating forms. Immerse yourself in the enchanting fragrances of Lalique perfume, crafted with the same dedication as their crystal and glass creations.

Established in Gaillon, Paris, Lalique Group continues to uphold the legacy of its founder, René Lalique, delivering exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance to discerning customers worldwide. As enthusiasts of Lalique, we also offer access to the Lalique Special Order collection for those seeking bespoke pieces of the utmost rarity. Contact us directly via email for inquiries or assistance in acquiring specific Lalique items, including Lalique glass and perfume.

Enjoy the added benefit of free UK delivery on all Lalique products when you proceed to checkout. Elevate your surroundings and personal style with Lalique – where luxury, art, and craftsmanship unite harmoniously.