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What Makes Willow Tree the Perfect Christening and Baptism Gift

Willow Tree is synonymous with Christening gifts

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What is the best Christening gift for a baby on their special day? Something thoughtful, useful, and symbolic. A treasured item that the parents can credit as symbolising their child’s baptism. A keepsake that can be cherished for a lifetime. With Willow Tree, you’ll find just that! Willow Tree figurative sculptures were born to life by artist Susan Lordi. Her work is influenced, most significantly, by the healing power of touch. However, it emanates so much more; love, peace, gratitude, strength, and many values and universal truths. To Susan Lordi, bodily gestures are the purest forms of expression. For this reason, all Willow Tree sculptures are etched into existence faceless. As a result, each piece displays the smallest details of human bodily expression. A word from Susan herself: “I’ve always used live models because it’s those little things, those little gestures that you can’t imagine. You could never come up with without observing life”. Every slight tilt of the head, every gentle touch, is captured in her art. She is making her collection timeless and universal. A great gift to celebrate any Christening, and you can find them all here at Gallery Gifts. Stuck for inspiration? See some of our top picks below! WILLOW TREE – WE ARE THREE

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The birth of a child ushers in an extraordinary time for any couple. Willow Tree’s We Are Three figurine puts this on display by showing the love of two parents coming together and in communion, bringing new life into this world. Both their bodies surround the baby with warmth and affection. Every fibre of their being is organised towards the baby’s care. This piece radiates a sentiment that every parent experiences. This new life has become the core of their universe, and they are now a family. One of the most timeless Christening gifts, to mark this momentous moment. (Available to buy here) WILLOW TREE – ANGEL OF MINE

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The love of a mother is a miracle of God’s grace, it resonates through humanity and nature. Willow Tree’s Angel Of Mine figurine puts this on display with a baby nestled in the arms of her mother. The mother carries her with grace and courage, putting aside all her own struggles to provide comfort and unconditional love to her baby. A simple figurine, but in it, any mother can recognise, lies the weight of the world. This figurine is a beautiful Christening gift any mother could cherish forever.(Available to buy here) WILLOW TREE – HOPE

Willow Tree is a firm favourite for Christening gifts

Hope, faith, belief. All virtues we aspire to. All blessings we wish to experience. Willow Tree’s Hope figurine shows how a child can bring all this into our lives. The playful nature of the boy emanates a sense of joy and innocence. It is the miracle of his life and of his purity that brings hope — a perfect gift for the little one’s Christening or first communion. (Available to buy here)


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