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Poole Pottery is all about individuality. Each piece is unique, a combination of contemporary design and traditional skills. With Poole Pottery, you are buying an  elegant item that combines the old with the new, hand and machine, tradition and innovation. 

Whether you choose a plaque or a vase, the Poole Pottery piece will capture a truly breath taking picture which would grace any home or interior.  

  • African Sky
    African Sky

    This distinctive design captures a 'snap shot' of life in the African plains, with the deep red Living Glazes, enhanced with orange and yellow hues to create the breathtaking skies and setting sun.

  • Alexis

    Meaning 'feather', Alexis is a stunning green reactive design, against a bold cobalt blue backdrop. Inspired by the beauty of the peacock feather this pattern is a modern adaptation for today's aspiring consumer and is created by Poole artist Victoria Higginbotham.

  • Jasmine

    Meaning 'flower', Jasmine is a beautiful new design from Poole, taking it's inspiration from painterly floral themes. Reminiscent of the soft forms of impressionist painters, Jasmine has a shimmering, hazy quality that looks like the flowers are still moving in a gentle breeze.

  • Maya

    Meaning 'earth', Maya was inspired by our native British landscape, the rich shades of green and blue remind us of nature, of the earth meeting the sea and the sky, and create a small 'vignette' of the landscape. These dramatic artworks create a focal point in any interior.

  • Tallulah

    Meaning 'of the sea', Tallulah takes it's inspiration from the ocean waves, and follows in the footsteps of Volcano and African Sky - both popular designs inspired by nature's elements and is created by Poole artist Sean Flint. A brand new cool colour palette featuring beautiful jewel like aqua tones, complemented with bold bright green brush strokes.

  • Volcano

    The most dramatic of the Poole ranges, the Volcano design comes to life when fired at over 1000 degrees Celsius in the kilns. The glazes melt and fuse, creating a design which imitates lava over cold stones. The strong colours collide, creating a visual energy which has made it one of the most popular designs.

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