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Lord of the Rings

Haradrim Soldier (Lord of the Rings)

Haradrim Soldier (Lord of the Rings)

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A grim and cruel people from the deep south, the Haradrim were among those races of Men who fell under the sway of the Dark Lord Sauron. Called from their homes to the service of the evil one, they came north with great beasts of war, the mighty Mumakils, who's like was not seen before in those parts, nor ever since.


Charging into battle for the Dark Lord, the Haradrim rode upon these beasts in elaborate towers and ramparts of their own fashioning , hurling arrows and spears from their perches upon forces of the Free Peoples.

The figurine is hand cast in heavy weight polystone and hand painted to the highest standards.

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien tells an epic tale of good against evil, spanning three volumes. The trilogy runs through the many challenges faced by the central character, Frodo, on his journey from the Shire to the fires of Mount Doom. It is one of the most successful fantasy series' of all time.

For every Lord of the Rings fan, we have an extremely unique range of The Lord of the Rings memorabilia.

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